Fingerprint of God

Can you imagine how the considered smallest, even insignificant planet of the universe, is actually shown to be the most extensive according to these visually based principles?! And its pulsating, light-driven foundation is the same image of the body’s structure that bonds every cell! Goldman Sacs, the banking empire, has become interested in investing in outer space. What they found correlates to Genesis 1: 1! We travel from this heavenly body to the “thralls of hell” as this particular man describes what he saw and felt when he died and went to the dark burning pit of fire. When he was saved from his wife’s desperate pleas and prayers, the hand of Jesus was extended . . . He shares how he came back to the side of Light.

Linda Gale

About Linda Gale

Every human is wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God, our Heavenly Father. Signs are everywhere that reveal the DNA of God in our mortal body and throughout all creation.

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