Warning Signs From God Part 1

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This video is an overview of the journey we travel by the road map of the God Signs. We will be led by a traveling earthquake that reveals continuing  corruption at the top of the US government and an underground [shadow] force that is attacking our Judeo Christian Nation and sanctity of life. The earthquake ends where a Cross stands in solid rock. God sends double messages through all the revealing signs presented in the series, Warning Signs From God. Fires burning simultaneously in the oceans reveal the images and inferences of beheadings, abortions, and the broken backbone of life. Underground mysterious sounds that have been heard around the world infer an underground working machine, bombings, explosions, failing airplane engines, trumpet sounds, and other “incriminating evidence” provide additional reinforcing dots for the bigger assembled picture!

A mysterious event that took place in Beebe Arkansas for 4 years in a row ties into the earthquake, fires burning in the oceans, underground sounds, killings of 911/01 on US soil, and 911/12 in Benghazi. Furthermore, the hand prints of those responsible for the events that led up to those two attacks, are totally known through the God Signs—the “repeat” of aligning dates, numbers, sound alike names, the mysterious sounds, and so much more . . . are revealing.  The scientific facts and Scripture are tightly woven together and all the mysteries become clearly visible!

Linda Gale

About Linda Gale

Every human is wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God, our Heavenly Father. Signs are everywhere that reveal the DNA of God in our mortal body and throughout all creation.

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