Warning Signs From God Part 6

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We are going to soar through this part of our journey and end up with the uplifting strength of a soaring eagle!. A lesson in hand symbol [Quantum Physics 101] will leave you spell bound! The Sun that appeared during the earthquake of 8/23/11 infers the Death and Resurrection of God’s Son.  Even the sunrise on Easter morning is a sign we cannot ignore. And of course, we are taken back to Beebe Arkansas to the signs of the Death and Resurrection of God’s Son.

For deeper meaning of a soaring eagle and its strength, watch the video,  The Light of an Eagle, and see my explanations.

Linda Gale

About Linda Gale

Every human is wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God, our Heavenly Father. Signs are everywhere that reveal the DNA of God in our mortal body and throughout all creation.

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