Warning Signs From God Part 9

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The twists and turns of this chapter reveal how the underground sounds serve as confirmation for the connections to the people that were negligent and responsible for the killings of our 4 brave men in Benghazi – 911/12, 1 million babies in 1 year in the womb, and the spread of ISIS around the world. Sound alike names and/or aligning dates and relative locations of those that were at the top and could call the shots, link to the mysterious, unknown underground sounds! The many signs in Beebe Arkansas – the end of 1 day, season, and year – by 1 strike at midnight – are a dead match to Genesis 1: 14. Or in every sense of that verse, scripture can be known by the double reinforcing death signs—the 1 square mile and 3 black lines! However, the eternal sign of God and his 1 and only Son align with Genesis 1: 1  and 2 as we view the down-to-earth sign, once again. From the earth, we travel to outer space or the  satellite image of the womb of the ocean and next-door Beebe, will leave you without words!

Linda Gale

About Linda Gale

Every human is wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God, our Heavenly Father. Signs are everywhere that reveal the DNA of God in our mortal body and throughout all creation.

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