Who is Linda Gale?

Who is Linda Gale?

Listen to my friend Cindy singing Amazing Grace.

Listen to my friend Cindy, singing with her father, Phil – “A Whisper Away”

Linda Gale on Creation

Childhood Questions . . . Adulthood Journey
Curiosity invaded my mind early in childhood and at the time, effortlessly, a great journey for learning rooted deeply within as the search for reasonable explanations about the earth, the body, and nature continued. Just the word “photosynthesis” left a puzzling thought. A “photo” always represents a picture, an image for relating. After hearing the story about Johnny Appleseed, I asked the teacher how apple seeds planted in the ground produced many apples with several seeds in each one. The answer: “A transfer of chemicals –photosynthesis.” That explanation, without any viable connections from the bottom of the tree to the top, led to many more questions.

In the third grade when the teacher was talking about the earth’s 1,000 miles per hour speed on its axis, a spinning of my finger in an attempt to see such intensity prompted the proverbial question, “Why don’t we get dizzy?” The teacher’s response, “That’s a good question” had to suffice for the time, but the significance of no real answer never left my mind.

Over the years, many questions received that same response, and a repertoire of “good questions” made me second guess why I had a strong need to understand life’s happenings when seemingly most people never concerned themselves with such apparent nonsense. All those inquiries remained silent, yet mindful, through unmerciful awareness, while my search confidently continued for visual connections.

My journey for answers supportive of those questions began on the day I watched first-hand the formation of a tornado funnel. Out of the blue – no darkness – the gravel stirred and the funnel rose from the earth, only to proceed overhead, actually over many heads. Soon darkness veiled, but the radiant, streaming light coming through the eye sent a clear message to our 12 year-old son. He said, “I saw the Sun through the eye of that dark funnel, and I knew I was safe . . . GOD spoke to me and said ‚’Grandma is with Me now.'” Three hours previously my family and I had laid our mother to rest . . . in the earth. I took this symbolic image to heart.

The launching of this journey [writing many books] was initiated by the launching of that most meaningful funnel. I reasoned: “funnels represent light, darkness, sound, transformation, transmissions, and backbone.”

When I found that mutiple funnels in the design of the human body, were not recognized as the symbolic imagery generators in charge of reading images such as interpretations known by the eyes, nerves, and heart, my questioning calmed — I was on a mission. I knew in my heart that the first part of the journey was fueled by questions, and the latter would be filled with answers if I just followed the lighted path being shown to me in various contexts. Basically, the eyes of those image-making, symbolic funnels in the brain opened my eyes to understand life’s many-faceted prisms through the lens of common sense and symbolism supported by the solid foundation of Creation.

God and Science Bridged as One is the first book and course I created to reveal the hidden signs and symbols evident in all creation that reveals the fingerprint of God. It was written to take the reader into the depths of our existence, to the very roots of Creation in the human brain, heart, lungs, optic tract, DNA/RNA, neurotransmitters, womb and the structure of our skeleton. A more meaningful scope of the body’s symbolic configurations and how they are matched to the structures of the ocean floors, elements relating to the equator, earth’s elliptical plane, Sun, moon and galaxies – is truly eye opening. This online course and its many disclosures are by far the most comprehensive coverage of Creation backed by science.

A universal Masterful Code serves as a life map to people around the world and their search for colossal meaning – understanding of the complexities of the beautiful tapestry of Life – molded and woven by God’s hands. The enlightening journey is for the young, old, the seeker, believer, non-believer, townsfolk, city dwellers, villagers, farmers, corporate executives, teachers, scientists, preachers, or anyone who is searching for meaning, and perhaps, visual proof of their roots. Tangible evidence of who we are and the purpose of existence is revealed in the images and the revelation of the signs and symbols evident in all creation.

I hope you will enjoy the material as much as I did living the quest and seeing the absolute Truth of the Seeds of Creation.

Linda Gale

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